My name is Ann. I’ve been blogging on and off for around twelve years now but have just come back after a gap for health reasons. I started life as a drama student, went into primary teaching and school librarianship and then moved into tertiary education, teaching theatre studies, linguistics and children’s literature to undergrads and children’s literature at postgrad level,  as well as supervising trainee teachers.  Since I’ve retired I’ve continued teaching for the University of the Third Age and also taken on the  role of gallery guide at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, which is sited on the campus of the University of Birmingham, where I hold an Honorary Senior Research Fellowship.

And through all this I have been a reader. If I have ever been anywhere without a book it has been by mistake. These days I don’t read as much children’s literature as I did, mostly I pick up detective fiction and what I can only call contemporary literary fiction, but any book that is well written will keep my attention. So, if you stop by Café Society to join in the conversation you will find a lot about books and reading but also discussion of painting, the theatre and pretty much anything else that takes my fancy in the field of the liberals arts.  You will be very welcome.